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Mindology Acadmey's
Expert Spotlight Series!

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Mindology Academy is a new force for Women Leaders globally actualizing their inner truth and unleashing their mission with a supportive community. 

Let us feature you and your greatness to be part of this amazing exposure opportunity.


You show up once, we do the rest.

Reveal Your Innate Abilities & Core Essence

Discover a deeper sense of your calling, gifts, and purpose as it connects who you are with what you do in full alignment & congruency.

Powerful Connections with Your Audience

Allow your audience to embrace not just what you do, but who you are. Understanding the person behind your message connects us beyond measure.

Perpetual Exposure to Your Message

Thrive from perpetual exposure to your message, and your offerings as a legacy member of the Academy.
"Chantlelle, I feel like you are a super genius in going deep, I thought I had gone deep, but  seriously it was a whole other level."
~ From one of our Founding Members of the Academy

What's Included:

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field. Some of the benefits of our trainings are:
  • "The Essence of You"  Write Up With a Visual Aid
  • Personalized Webpage & Impact Video 
  • PR Campaign to Drive Awareness to Your Site or Special Offer
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Social Media Collateral , Custom Emails & Copy
  • Expert Feature & Affiliate Program 
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What other Participants said about our session:

It brought me into a whole different space where I am now really taking a look at my story…. for real.

And I’m able to truly connect to my purpose now.
Our session was really really good and very eye opening. 

It was great at yielding and giving into the gifts I have and how I can incorporate that in to the work that I do.
 It was very thought provoking, you allowed me to go deep into my purpose and it brought out life events that have me thinking.
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