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The #ThoughtCatch Movement

#ThoughtCatch, is the ultimate program to reprogram your mind at the moment. It helps you get through pressing situations and to avoid going into a downward spiral of depression, anxiety, or fear. These often lead to suicidal thoughts, deepening traumatic experiences, low self-esteem, becoming stagnant, and even taking your own life.

But, not anymore!

Start Thinking About What You Are Thinking About... and Be Mentally Free!

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Redirect Your Thinking

Let’s Win the War Within, be real with our thoughts and transform that pain, hurt, and anger into something more powerful for your good. 

 It's time to STOP...
  • Stop pretending everything is okay
  • Stop 'getting over' the situation or 'trying' to move on

 Now let's START...
  • Start to acknowledge your true feelings and know what to do with them
  • Start setting boundaries that keep you happy, healthy and wealthy

Course Lessons

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From our Founding members


Chantelle, I feel like you are a super genius in going deep. I thought I had gone deep, but seriously it was a whole other level. It's been mind-blowingly transformative, I've learned so much that has changed whom I am as a person, working with my Mindology.

I'd recommend this to anybody who wants greater focus and enough laser-sharp focus to really reach what they truly want to do in their lives.
Lafaya Mitchell
I would recommend this program because you really don't know what you don't know and the amount of awareness that you get is so transformative and just incredible.

You learn so much about yourself and your relationship with your maker on a spiritual level which really does affect how you impact the world through your work, business and relationships.
Billie-Jane Bolton-Rojo

Chantelle Simone, Mindologist

Award-Winning Thought Leader for EducationMental Health & Wellness ExpertB.COMM, MNLP, MTLT, MCHt, MNLP, LSSMBB
Specializing in the mind-spirit connection, Chantelle helps you release your mental clutter and realign you to the god within. She spent the last 20 years on a quest for the best tools and techniques that will allow us to realign our thinking to who God designed us to be. Through her five Master Certifications, life experiences, and the practice of listening to God’s voice within, she's been able to help ambitious women to quiet the chaos within and bring peace and alignment to their everyday life. She is passionate to see you live with peace, fulfill your mission and leave your legacy.

Take Control of Your Life, finally!

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