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Receive direction, clarity, and confirmation for your life.
Know who you are and what to do next through reprogramming your thinking to the Word of God with meditation.
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Why mediation?

It empowers your mind... and releases your destiny! 

Use meditation to (1) rewire harmful thought patterns, (2) gain clarity on your next steps, (3) be divinely guided, and (4) know how to claim the wealth that is already yours.
Are You Ready To...

  • Become who you were designed to be
  • Know & believe that you CAN achieve your desires
  • Get out of the whirlwind of life
  • Finally get rid of bad habits
  • Hear the Word of God for your life
  • Take the next steps to realize your vision

You are in the right place.

Chantelle Simone, Mindologist

Award-Winning Thought Leader for Education
Mental Health & Wellness Expert
Specializing in the mind-spirit connection, Chantelle helps you release your mental clutter and realign you to the god within. She spent the last 20 years on a quest for the best tools and techniques that will allow us to realign our thinking to who God designed us to be. Through her five Master Certifications, life experiences, and the practice of listening to God’s voice within, she's been able to help ambitious women to quiet the chaos within and bring peace and alignment to their everyday life. She is passionate to see you live with peace, fulfill your mission and leave your legacy.
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