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Frequently asked questions

Who is Chantelle Simone?

Hey there! I’m Chantelle, eternal optimist, chief problem solver, a girl’s girl, and a champion for women! I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life on a quest for the best tools for every woman to use to release the resistance and end the battle in the mind. I’ve gained a reputation as the mindologist, because I’ve studied what makes us thrive against all odds and what makes us succumb to those very odds.

What is mindology?

Mindology is the study of what drives the mind to both success and failure, balancing spiritual and mental research to unlock the treasures that make the mind powerful. With mindology, the war within ends, and the power begins. Studying the mind is the gateway to igniting your spirit and refreshing your passion in your everyday life. Mindology is a power tool for every woman who wants to lead from within.

What is Mindology Academy?

Mindology Academy is a learning oasis for women who are shaping the world! At Mindology, we unlock the world of wealth within your mind, body, and spirit to awaken your gift and energize your drive.I've curated Mindology Academy as a community where women gather to renew their minds, rejuvenate their souls, and reignite their spiritual fire!

What will Mindology Academy help people do?

If you’re like me, you’re ready to refresh your mind and use your God-given talents to rock the world. If you’re like me you want the MOST out of life right now, and you want a clear blueprint for sustaining success, happiness, and abundance on your terms. If you’re like me, you’re a passionate trailblazer who refuses to leave anything on the table. You like the feeling of freedom for yourself and your family. And, you’re ready to take your legacy to the next level.

How can Mindology Academy help during and coming out of COVID?

A 2020 survey by CARE indicated that 5% of women reported that COVID-related income loss has had the biggest impact on them and 27% of women reported an increase in challenges associated with mental illness.  These challenges are just a few that we will resolve using proven techniques to help women generate fresh solutions for reshaping their mental health and wellness.At Mindology we are all about renewing the mind and honoring the spirit to produce fresh results for the busy woman. We’ve gathered research and insights from around the world to bring world-changing practices right to your home.

What need does Mindology Academy address?

With our world ever-evolving, there’s a constant need for women to cultivate mental wellness on a daily basis. And while we can’t travel the world together studying mindology and practicing proven techniques, I’ve solved that problem by bringing a world of fresh wellness techniques to your home. Now, every woman can experience relief from the mental clutter and chaos of our lives and jump right into the academy where women are growing and shaping their world each day.

What inspired you to create Mindology Academy?

As a mindologist, I recognize my gift to help ambitious women quiet the chaos and bring harmony to their everyday life. My vision is to see women around the world feeling fortified in a mind space where they are free to let their hair down, free to trust the process, and free to cheer another woman along in her journey. Now, I’m introducing this vision to you with hopes that you’ll join forces with me in this transformative space. Mindology is a new force for Women Leaders globally actualizing their inner truth and unleashing their mission with a supportive community.

What can women expect inside of Mindology Academy?

I’m incredibly excited about the experience inside of Mindology Academy, where we’ve got power-packed courses, community forums, collaboration calls, virtual events, and soul-stirring videos to anchor your mental freedom and cultivate inner peace.


Chantelle, I feel like you are a super genius in going deep, I thought I had gone deep, but seriously it was a whole other level. It's been mind-blowingly transformative, I've learned  so much that has changed who I am as a person, working with my Mindology. I'd recommend this to anybody who wants greater focus and enough laser sharp focus to really reach what they truly want to do in their lives.
I'm at the point in my life now where where I am rediscovering myself and Mindology is allowing me to rediscover who I am as a woman of God. It has allowed me to re-center myself and Chantelle  has taught me how to meditate and really visualize more.
There's nothing like being in an environment consistently of powerful individuals that are working on themselves positively.
Here at Mindology we can control that okay and there's nothing that can stop you when you're in the midst of females that everyone is uplifting you. You have nowhere else to go but up!


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Welcome to a learning oasis for women who are shaping the world!
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With mindology, the war within ends, and your power begins. 
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Experience From Our Founding Members

Wow, my experience with Mindology has been absolutely remarkable. Every conversation we have is an education. I've learned so much, I love how Chantelle brings the mind and the spirit together as one.

And really, Mindology has this special formula that talks about spirituality while connecting and understanding the mind on a science level.    

~ MICHELE A. WILSON, Mompreneur
I would recommend this program because you really don't know what you don't know and the amount of awareness that you get is so transformative and just incredible.

You learn so much about yourself and your relationship with your maker on a spiritual level which really does affect how you impact the world through your work, business and relationships.

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A learning oasis for women who are shaping the world.
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Chantelle Simone

The "Mindologist"
Founder, Mindology Academy
Author, Online Broadcaster, Principal Instructor
About me
I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life on a quest for the best tools for every woman to use to release the resistance and end the battle in the mind. I’ve gained a reputation as the mindologist, because I’ve studied what makes us thrive against all odds, winning the war within. Now, I’ve taken all of the lessons, research, certifications, experiences, and knowledge to bring you a space to renew your mind, rejuvenate your soul, and to bring a voice to your spirit. I’m passionate about seeing you “get it” and you feeling alive congruently in your mind, body, and spirit. Your truth is tangible and you deserve to experience the fullness of life. Join me and our other powerful instructors inside of Mindology Academy!
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